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The Parallel editions

In a paper in Studia Celtica (12/13, 1977/8, Cardiff), 'The Welsh Annals', Professor Dumville wrote, "(w)hat other work still remains to be done on all these texts? There is, in fact, a considerable amount of research still needed. The most pressing . . . is a study of their chronological structure . . . Much can be learned of sources and transmission from a rigorous investigation of the chronological structure, and a reasonably accurate dating can be deduced for the sequence of early Welsh history, which will replace the arbitrary or haphazard dates now holding sway.

Following the completion of the chronological investigations, the way will be clear for a new edition of the Latin texts. Plainly, much thought must be given to the arrangement of such an edition, but the best method would seem to be the presentation of parallel texts as follows (the dates are those at present in use; they will have to be modified in detail): (1) B and C, Creation to 444; (2) ABC, 445–977; (3) BC, 978–1189; (4) BCE, 1190–1253; (5) BCDE, 1254–66; (6) BCD, 1267–88." Professor Dumville himself has essayed a parallel text for ABC 684–954 (2002, Annales Cambriae, A.D. 682–954: Texts A–C in Parallel, Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, University of Cambridge).

This was somewhat putting the cart before the horse. It is only now that more reliable editions of the surviving texts have been established that it is possible to create parallel editions along the lines suggested; and these reveal the chronology of the World Chronicles and the annals, and its problems, and the relationship between the various texts themselves, and between the texts and their sources.

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