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Welsh Chronicles Research Group – website launch

The Welsh Chronicles Research Group, a consortium of scholars and researchers studying the chronicles of medieval Wales, are pleased to announce the launch of their website, hosted by Bangor University.

The Research Group is led by Owain Wyn Jones (Bangor University), Ben Guy (University of Cambridge) and Georgia Henley (Harvard University), and serves to promote dialogue and research into medieval Welsh chronicles. This website is designed to serve both as an online forum for the research group and also as an invaluable online resource.

As well as fully-referenced and accessible descriptions of each of the medieval Welsh chronicles, designed to aid further research and understanding on all levels, the website also hosts critical editions of four of the most important Latin chronicles of medieval Wales. Accessible and dependable editions of these - particularly the chronicles generally known as the B and C texts of ‘Annales Cambriae’ - have never before been available, and the group would like to thank Henry Gough-Cooper, who prepared these excellent editions.

The first meeting of the Research Group was hosted by the School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology at Bangor in 2014, and the Group also held a mini-conference at the Glasgow Celtic Congress, 2015. A one-day conference is planned for Cambridge in 2016 – further details of which will be available on in due course.

Publication date: 28 October 2015

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