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Contact address:
School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology
Bangor University
Bangor, Gwynedd
LL57 2DG

Owain Wyn Jones

Bangor University

Owain Wyn Jones has been a lecturer in history at the Department of History, Welsh History and Archaeology, Bangor University, since completing his doctorate in 2014. His lectureship is funded by the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, who also funded his doctorate and a subsequent teaching fellowship. The focus of his thesis was historical writing in medieval Wales, with considerable attention given to Middle Welsh historical texts translated from Latin and on the production of chronicles in medieval Wales. Particular attention was given to Brut y Tywysogion and to the Cistercian abbey of Valle Crucis. In 2014 he was the recipient of Bangor Univeristy’s Draper’s Medal, awarded to one outstanding postgraduate annually, on the strength of this work. He is currently engaged in preparing a monograph based on the thesis.

Apart from this, his current research interests include the Oes Gwrtheyrn chronicle; Brut y Saeson, a Middle Welsh history of the kings of England; and the thirteenth-century portion of Brut y Tywysogion. He is generally interested in the role of monasteries in the production of historical texts in Welsh. He has published articles in the Welsh History Review and Haskins Society Journal. He is also preparing a chapter on medieval Welsh historical writing in collaboration with Professor Huw Pryce for a forthcoming volume on medieval historiography to be published by CUP.

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