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Report on the proceeding of the Welsh Chronicles Symposium, 9th August 2014

From ASNC graduate student and symposium organiser Ben Guy (as published on Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Blog):

On Saturday 9th August, Bangor University hosted the first of what will hopefully be a series of small symposia dedicated to the study of the numerous chronicles written in Wales during the Middle Ages. As is the case with so many attempts to further the ASNC cause, the idea for the symposium was conceived in the back seat of a car that had recently escaped from the international medievalist conference at Kalamazoo, during a conversation between myself and Owain Wyn Jones (former ASNC, latterly a member of Bangor’s history department). We were both struck by the quality and quantity of recent work on Wales’s medieval chronicles, and decided that it might be useful for the perpetrators to meet one another and discuss the state of the field. We teamed up with Georgia Henley (another former ASNC, currently undertaking a PhD in Harvard’s Celtic department) and set about creating a programme that would showcase new approaches to the whole range of extant chronicles produced in medieval Wales.

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Publication date: 15 August 2014

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