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Annual Meeting

The Welsh Chronicles Research Group holds an annual meeting at which relevant issues in the study of the chronicles are discussed.

Annual meetings are listed below.



Welsh Chronicles Research Group

The Welsh Chronicles Research Group is a consortium of researchers studying the chronicles of medieval Wales and promoting further dialogue and research into this important group of texts.

Medieval Welsh chronicles are unique, multilingual, spanning great geographical and temporal distances, and sometimes fragmentary both in themselves and with regard to secondary resources. They span the entirety of the middle ages, from the early medieval period to the fifteenth century, and survive in both Welsh and Latin.

This body of important historical writing has received increased attention in recent decades, and yet it is still in need of a great deal of further study, including new editions and reassessments of historical contexts. The implications for further study in the fields of textual history, Welsh history, and manuscript transmission networks are considerable.

This website draws together resources and ideas in a central location, facilitating and encouraging new research in this important field and engagement with these valuable sources. Here you will find information on each chronicle, including a list of available editions and translations (with links where applicable) as well as bibliographies of secondary scholarship.

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